Kite is making its way into the furniture industry with its bold, classy, and sophisticated designs. We are committed to providing conceptualized products made from metal, all types of wood, resin, concrete, and other indigenous material available locally and internationally. With a team of young and creative individuals, Kite is set to change the way Filipinos see local designer furniture.

With the growing real estate industry and our country’s improving economy, there is an apparent demand for top quality furniture in the market. Unfortunately, the ones being patronized are mostly imported from other countries. What seems lacking in the furniture industry is our support for locally made furniture.

This led us to assemble a passionate and competent team. We believe that Pampanga, Philippines has an enormous potential with its plentiful supply of skilled craftsmen.

At present, we combine modern engineering with the help of all our expert personnel in order to make top quality furniture. Kite has this pioneering vision that one day, locally made furniture could set a high standard in the local and international market. We have this dream of building a modern factory with centralized production to cater to the huge market and give jobs to more talented Filipinos.